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The Most Important Reason to Work with a Financial Planning Professional: A Priceless Partnership

The Most Important Reason to Work with a Financial Planning Professional: A Priceless Partnership

June 14, 2023

A few weeks ago, my sister, recently and unexpectedly widowed, was visiting me. During one of our
many heartfelt conversations about what she was going through, she said, “I really respect what you
do, Carla. I don’t know how I would be handling everything without my adviser’s help, he knows
everything about our situation and what I need to do now.” That struck me to be quite a testament.
My sister and her husband had been married for over 30 years and built a successful life through hard
work and dedication to each other and to their three children. Apparently, at some point, they began
working with a financial adviser maybe to invest, plan for retirement, or obtain an opinion on another
financial matter. They, like most people, probably did not say, “We need to work with a financial adviser
in case tragedy strikes.” But that, indeed, could be the most important reason to partner with an
adviser: to prepare for the expected AND unexpected. Knowing you are not alone in making decisions
about your future, knowing someone knowledgeable and trustworthy is holding your hand as you move
forward, can be more valuable than any particular piece of advice rendered previously.
So the advisory fee paid now is not only for services at hand but for the long-term partnership and
peace of mind that you are not alone, no matter what.

Written by Carla Devlin

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