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Client Centered

As a boutique investment advisory firm, DWD combines experience with flexibility to help corporations and non-profit organizations extend their in-house investment capabilities. Depending on short- or long-term service needs, we offer specialized services to support your operations.

We’ve been fiduciaries to institutional plans as well as individuals since our inception in 1994. Our principled approach assures that the best interest of each client is paramount in every decision we make. 

We bring objective expertise to institutional plans
in the following areas:

Investment Policy Statement ... to document the objectives, processes and criteria for managing the portfolio and its investments

Asset Allocation Modeling ... to determine the portfolio structure that meets your organizations risk and return objectives

Manager/Fund Search & Selection ... to objectively evaluate managers that meet policy criteria and work best together

Investment Analysis ... to provide third-party oversight and recommendations

Performance Measurement & Reporting ... to offer unbiased and complete reporting of portfolio returns, on both an absolute basis and relative to objectives

Portfolio Management... to manage assets within parameters of the portfolio's investment policy statement to meet objectives

Plan Investment Guidance ... to assist in the development and maintenance of the overall structure of your organization's qualified plan

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