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Fire Company & Fire Relief Associations

Client Centered

As a boutique investment advisory firm, DWD combines experience with flexibility to help Fire Company and Fire Relief Associations manage their investment assets.

We help Fire Company & Relief Associations:

  • Consolidate investments under one reporting statement for operational efficiency
  • Match investment asset selection to short and long term budget needs
  • Maintain documentation of Investment Asset Roster for Pennsylvania Relief Association audits
  • Conduct regular investment reviews with your organization

We also provide:

Investment Policy Statement ... to document the objectives, processes and criteria for managing your investment assets

Asset Allocation Modeling ... to determine the portfolio structure that meets your organization's risk and return objectives

Investment Search & Selection ... to objectively evaluate investments that meet Policy Statement criteria and work best together

Performance Measurement & Reporting ... to offer unbiased and complete reporting of portfolio returns

Portfolio Management ... to manage investment assets within parameters of the portfolio's Investment Policy Statement

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