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Our Mission

At DWD Portfolio Solutions, since our founding in 1994 our core mission has always been to serve as trusted fiduciary to our clients, both individual and institutional. The professionals at DWD have been unwavering in their belief that investors deserve honest, objective, professional financial advice free from the conflicts of interest that arise in a commission or sales-based environment. The reason we exist is for investors to have a safe-haven for advice: we are educated, experienced, totally independent, and transparent.

How We Work

Our team philosophy extends beyond serving clients, it also applies to growing as a firm. While each person at DWD plays a critical role for the client, they also play a critical role for each other’s professional development. We support each other, we complement each other’s strengths, and further each other’s knowledge. In addition, the compensation structure also reflects the team philosophy: all revenue flows to the firm and employees are paid a salary. This ensures there is no conflict between advisors and that all at DWD are pulling in the same direction: for the benefit of all clients.

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