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Individuals and Families

Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. We want to learn more about your personal situation, identify your aspirations and financial goals, and understand your tolerance for risk.

Our team brings a holistic approach to each client relationship. We consider how the pieces of your financial puzzle fit together. If the pieces don’t fit, we’ll let you know and create a solution that best suits your goals.

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You’ve reached your long-awaited retirement, yet there are still many issues of concern:

"How much can I spend?... Should I still be concerned about the fluctuation in the markets? ... What return on my investments do I need? ...When should I start receiving Social Security? ...What should I do with my 401k? ...Is my long-term care insurance still viable? ...How does all this affect what I leave my heirs?"

Our team can help.

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DWD combines experience with flexibility to help corporations and non-profit organizations extend their in-house investment capabilities.

Depending on short- or long-term service needs, we offer specialized services to support your operations.

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Money in Motion

Have you suddenly found yourself with more…or less... money, and are not certain of the steps to take next? Sudden changes in your financial picture deserve a fresh, professional perspective. At DWD we can interpret the complexities of wealth-producing events.

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Fire Company and Fire Relief Associations

As a boutique investment advisory firm, DWD combines experience with flexibility to help Fire Company and Fire Relief Associations manage their investment assets.

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